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Here's how profitable the Anthony Dyson Leasing System has been for tenant clients-in hard dollars and reduced risk over the years!


“Not only did we achieve excellent rental rates but also we negotiated out many so-called standard clauses which would have resulted in extra costs in the future…negotiated flexibility to take more space, reduce our space needs or cancel our lease if necessary"

-Gerry Dickie, Blaiklock

“Although our existing landlord reduced our rent by $19.00 per foot as a result of Dyson’s firm negotiation, we decided to move our offices because Dyson was able to negotiate even greater savings with the new landlord. The new landlord paid for our entire move including the costs of moving our computer system and gave us a cash allowance to build our new offices.

 -Robert W. McRae, Chief Executive Officer Canadian International Group of Funds (Now C.I. Mutual Funds)


Total savings of approximately $5 million dollars in rental costs over the lease term...Their action on our behalf clearly evidenced their independence and skill. In my opinion they have the experience and skills to negotiate leases to the highest standard.

 -Bernard Stevenson, CFO Harlequin Publishing


"reduced our rent by approximately $8.00 per foot from the landlord’s initial proposal… extremely trustworthy ... engaged Anthony Dyson again .. ...handled all our problems with our  landlord to our satisfaction without destroying our relationship."

 -Vivian Sweeney, VP Finance, Jonik Hospitality


...secured us favorable rental rates and terms and conditions under very arduous and difficult negotiating conditions...our good relationship with our landlord was preserved...”

 -Anthony Davidson, CFO Amphenol Canada

"Anthony pointed out many the Lease that could severely impact the bottom line of our business. In fact, one clause was so seriously detrimental that it meant that we could have lost our entire $200,000 investment in leasehold improvements and we would have had to start over again in another location.”

 -Robert Li, Owner Chinese Restaurant


Client List 

Alias Wavefront    
 Acres International Inc.    
Amphenol Canada Inc.    
AXA Insurance    
Astral Communications    
BAX International Air Freight    
Bechtel Canada    
Benefact Consulting Group    
Canadian Broadcast Sales    
Canadian Home Shopping 
Carswell Thomson Publishing    
C.I. Mutual Funds    
Cominco Ltd.    
D'Arcy Masius Benton Bowles    
Delcan Corporation    
Eaton Credit Corporation    
Harlequin Enterprises    
Household Finance    
Industrial Accident Prevention
Jonik Hospitality Group    
Livingston Group    
MacLaren McCann    
MacLean Hunter    
Market Facts of Canada    
NN Life Insurance    
Ontario Hydro Services    
OPSEU Joint Trusteed Benefit  
Rider - BTI Travel Group    
Spectrum United Mutual Funds    United Church of Canada