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    Like chess, if your lease negotiation is not opened with key strategies and tactics and you do not have a well planned  out mid and end game, you can be badly beaten. Most tenants do not even realize they could of done much better and you may be surprised how much better.

      • My direct line 416-410-1080.  Local and worldwide exclusive tenant representation.  My company has provided only true tenant rep since 1989 and does not also provide landlord representation. I believe in no sucking and blowing at the same time. Unlike the rest of the real estate companies, I believe that I can't take 80% of my income from landlord agency and then have a tenant rep division too. My clients deserve and get only real tenant focused, conflict of interest free representation from a chess aficionado. If that's what you want, let's see if we have a fit!   

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As a Toronto tenant rep I have put together the best strategies and tactics that I have learned over the last 30 odd years in the office leasing business. I started in 1983 filling up buildings for landlords. I know how they work and in particular how they have set up the tenant to lose. You will benefit from my knowledge, I hope.


I play chess and one of the things I learned from chess is that although there are key principles to follow when opening a game of chess, most of my opponents do not use them.


I suspect they are not aware of these powerful techniques.


Some are excellent tactical players but lack of a key opening strategy sets them up to fail. Once the opening moves are completed properly, a player who is not so good (me) can win many games.


The chess board is set up to penalize those who do not follow basic principles. They run into situations where they lose pieces, get checked, and in the end get checkmated and lose when they could have done much better..


In office leasing, it is the same thing. It is not sufficient to be a good negotiator. There are basics to follow to get the best results. Landlords, their agents and their lawyers have both a strategic plan and some pretty tricky tactics as well.


They know how to set up the leasing chess board so they have the advantage. They also know all the leasing insider tricks and tactics and terminology that you probably don't know. 


In chess, "pigs on the seventh" is a term for rooks that eat up all the pawns on the seventh rank and even checkmate the opponent. It's a very bad position for those players on the receiving end and they seldom recover. 


Don't let the landlord get the equivalent of "pigs on the seventh" in your lease talks. 

Tenant  representation can help you win in your lease negotiations.   

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