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Office Tour Action Guide


  •  After your Tenant broker presents you with a list of properties, decide which ones you want to see.  It’s a good idea to look at all the properties he or she suggests even if you think they are not suitable unless they are obviously so.
  • On the tour, take a pen, paper and a camera.   Make lots of notes.  Take lots of pictures if you are the visual type.  You’ll be amazed how the buildings will blend together in your memory and how confused you’ll get when you want to tell someone about what they looked like.
  • Get your planner to make a line drawing of each building that you are seriously considering.  Get the Landlord to pay.
  • Based on the line drawings showing you which buildings best suit your business, get your Tenant Broker to submit a Request for Proposal from them.
  • Based on your review of the alternatives, start negotiating on the favoured building(s).
  • Once the Offer to Lease has been negotiated, start your planner on construction drawings and your legal team on the Lease.  Make sure your Tenant broker participates in overseeing Lease negotiations as most Landlord lawyers when drafting the offer into the Lease leave out important clauses of the offer that they do not like.
  • Sign the Lease, commence construction and move in as soon as possible especially if you have free rent.