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In 1989 I left a major office leasing broker firm to provide tenants with conflict free representation. I saw first hand how a real estate company both inadvertently and sometimes deliberately gave landlords unfair advantage in lease negotiations.


I developed my Lease Negotiation System and refined it over the years with the objective of getting landlords to negotiate for your tenancy and most times that's what happens. My clients have had good results. 


One of my passions is playing chess and in chess setting up the board for success is key to winning the game. 


Leasing office space is analogous to chess in this respect. Like chess, there is a formula consisting of both strategy and tactics that creates the best results.   Put this in place and you will always do better.  

My Lease Negotiation System combines my over three decades in office leasing with strategy and tactics that have proven successful.


I wrote a book on office leasing available on Amazon entitled "The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Real Estate Leasing" where I outline the keys to negotiating in more detail. 


In my spare time I love the out of doors enjoy camping, swimming, and hiking with my wife May and our dog Wolfe. I also enjoy tai chi and am known in my local park as the yoga guy with the dog. 


I look forward to working with you on your next lease renewal or relocation or referring you to my worldwide network of tenant representatives. 


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